Husband and wife team, Gary and Tina Pratt are dedicated and passionate about Koi and Koi keeping. Starting of as a hobby our business has grown into one of Perth’s leading suppliers of Koi & pond products.

Unfortunately due to urban sprawl in the area we became victims of change and had to move and close our farm. We decided we would change the way our business operated and provide to our customers a pond mobile service WA KOI PONDCARE.

Our new business now comes to you providing pond cleaning, maintenance service and supply and delivery of products.

Our humble beginnings started in Gosnells.  Our first experience with Koi was in 1985, having constructed our first pond we decided on keeping goldfish.  Then on day we bought 50 small koi only to watch them get devoured by some swamp fish we had, however to our amazement two koi survived.

From this moment on we were enthralled by the uniqueness of these fish and how large and beautiful they grew.  We then started to buy more and expanded our breeding stock.

Back then there was little or no information about Koi.  So a small group of us formed the first Koi club of WA, sharing knowledge and exhibiting at small shows we organized.

In 1990 we registered our business and licensed our fish farm, not having enough space to breed and grow on more koi, we purchased and relocated to a 3 acre property in Forrestdale thus enabling us to construct large dams, breeding tanks and a large retail shop supplying the Koi enthusiast with all the knowledge and products required to construct and filter a pond.

In 2019 urban sprawl and major roads works made an impacted on our Koi Farm.  So we decided we would provide our customers with a mobile shop incorporating pond cleaning, maintenance and supply and delivery of pond and Koi fish products.


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