Koi and Goldfish are great additions to any pond.

Keeping fish in a pond is a great hobby, so it is important when choosing the type of fish you have the correct set up and that you can provide and maintain the right environment for them.


Goldfish are a great first choice relatively easy to look after and compatible with most water plants.  The hardy varieties like comets and fantails do well in any kind of pond.


Koi come in many colours and bring grace and beauty to any pond.  Koi can grow to 75cm or more in length and are best suited to larger, well filtered ponds.  Due to their foraging nature, submersible water plants are not recommended.


Other species such as gold medakas, white cloud minnows, rosy and gold barbs can also be kept in ponds these fish are best kept in schools and are ideal in controlling mosquito larva.

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