Sick Koi or Goldfish – it can happen to us all, even to the most experienced of fish keepers.

Unhappy and sick fish can often be linked to poor water quality or a change in the pond environment, fish can become stressed which can then make them vulnerable to parasites and bacterial infections.  Some signs to look out for, are gasping at the surface, being lethargic, sitting on the bottom with their fins clamped close to their bodies, flicking and scraping may indicate that something is wrong.  If noticed and acted upon quickly, disasters can usually be avoided.

If you need help call us for a consultation.  We can then discuss and diagnosis the possible cause.  We can then provide you with a plan of action to solve the problem, this could be improving the water quality or providing a medication treatment.


Moving and would like to take your precious fish with you? Our service provides removing and transporting of your fish to their new home.

For a consultation or quote on relocation please contact us on 0402 232 198 or contact us.

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