Aquatic plants in a pond provide spectacular foliage
and colourful flowers

Aquatic plants also create a healthy ecosystem by absorbing unwanted pollutants. They also provide oxygen and safe habitat for small fish and frogs.

There are three types of aquatic plants:

  • Floating. These are plants that grow with part or all of their foliage on or near the surface of the water. Examples are Waterlilies, frog bite and azolla.
  • Submerged. Plants that grow entirely beneath the surface of the water. Examples are vallis, hornwort and milfoil
  • Marginal. Plants grow in shallow water examples are irises, rushes, papyrus and thalia.

Aquatic plants also require a little maintenance from time to time. We stock a selection of pots, soil and fertilizer tablets for repotting your pond plants. When choosing plants we can assist and recommend plants that will suit your pond.

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